A Joint Project of the FOS and BONES Society of Florida
FORPG… Harness the Power of the Orthopaedic Community

The Florida Orthopaedic Risk Purchasing Group (FORPG) has changed the way Florida orthopaedic surgeons purchase their malpractice insurance. The formation of the FORPG has sent shockwaves throughout the malpractice insurance industry, saving Florida orthopaedic surgeons an estimated $9 million the first year alone. Founded in September 2008 by the Florida Orthopaedic Society (FOS) and the Bones Society of Florida (BSOF), the FORPG is governed by an independent board composed of representatives from both societies.

Through a solid strength-in-numbers approach, hundreds of FORPG members have already taken control of their malpractice insurance and have secured the benefits of buying power now, and for the inevitable next crisis.
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